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Application of Sound Frequencies as an Epigenetic Tool in Reversing the Limiting Symptoms of Autism

Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy*

Autism Expert, Founder-Authentic Autism Solutions™, Chennai, India

*Corresponding Author:
Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy
Autism Expert
Founder-Authentic Autism Solutions™
Chennai, India.
Tel: +91-44-24836189
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: January 26, 2017; Accepted Date: February 08, 2017; Published Date: February 13, 2017

Citation: Kandaswamy R. Application of Sound Frequencies as an Epigenetic Tool in Reversing the Limiting Symptoms of Autism. J Clin Epigenet. 2017, 3:1. doi: 10.21767/2472-1158.100038

Copyright: © 2017 Kandaswamy R. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Different modes of communication

Numerous studies have established as a fact that almost 93% of all communication between human beings is Nonverbal communication, that is, without the use of words. Dr. Albert Mehrabian, who has conducted several studies on nonverbal communication, found that 7% of any message is conveyed through words, 38% through certain vocal elements, and 55% through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice). There is an entire field of Body Language and Nonverbal communication that is mostly used by people in the media, movies and in the advertising and marketing industry [1].

Above and beyond even Nonverbal communication (including body language), is a form of communication that is Fundamental to ALL forms of communications between ALL Beings not just on this planet, but in the entire Universe. And that is-Communication through energy Frequencies and Vibrations. Recent experiments done by Russian scientists have confirmed this. The facts revealed by this experiment and specifically its implications in healing the limiting symptoms of autism using the human voice and Energy in the form of sound frequencies and vibrations (both audible and inaudible to the human ear) as an epigenetic tool, is explained further down in this article.

Communication through Energy Frequencies is not rocket science and can be Re-Learned by one and all. This can be done with the help of cutting-edge Epigenetic Tools such as Intent Healing™ and Applied Energy Medicine, which are available today.

In fact, one can even start the re-learning process as early as right now, by simply becoming Aware of a few facts as to howall of us are Already using and applying the Language of energy in our daily functioning and communication in this world. One such evidence that can help kickstart this process is the fact that ALL the Sensory Interpretations and Communications happening in our system, which almost all human beings take for granted are all Interpretations of various frequencies of energy vibrations and patterns, by all the different sensory organs. For example, the sensation of "Hearing' is the Vibrational Interpretation of particular frequencies of Energy waves in the form of sound that touch the hearing apparatus. Likewise, the faculty of “Seeing” is the Vibrational interpretation of energy waves in the form of Light that is impinging on the visual apparatus in the body that includes the retina, rods and cones, the optical nerve and so on.

Ancient Vedic tradition has long since stated that the entire universe was "Born" as a result of the vibration of the sound frequency of the syllable "Om" (and its Resonance).

Recent scientific experiments and discoveries have now revealed the Power of Sound frequencies/Sound Vibrations in being able to bring about amazing shifts and transformations in the DNA of living beings and in material objects as well.

The first one is the experiments done by Russian scientists that have demonstrated that it is possible to bring about changes in the DNA of a living being through words and sound frequencies.

Scientists Reprogram Human DNA Using Words and Frequencies

Ancient Wisdom Traditions and Spiritual Teachers have been applying the knowledge that human body is programmable by language, words and thought. The various mantras and chanting rituals that are present in every religion and spiritual tradition on this planet bear testimony to the same. The significance of this has now been scientifically proven and explained.

An innovative Russian team, led by biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev, paired linguists with geneticists in an unconventional study to test the impact of vibration and language on human DNA. They have discovered that human DNA stores data like a computer’s memory system. In addition to this the human genetic code uses grammar rules and syntax in a way that closely mirrors human language. Another discovery was that even the structuring of DNA-alkaline pairs followed a regular grammar and had set rules, revealing that all human languages are simply verbalizations of the human DNA.

The following paragraph is directly quoted from the actual description of the study:

Changing DNA with spoken words and phrases

“Most astounding of all, the team discovered that living human DNA can be changed and rearranged with spoken words and phrases.

The key to changing DNA with words and phrases is in using the right frequency.

The team achieved incredible results using vibration and language. For instance, they successfully transmitted information patterns from one set of DNA to another. Eventually, they were even able to reprogram cells to another genome—they transformed frog embryos into salamander embryos without lifting a single scalpel or making one incision.

The Russians’ work provides scientific proof of why affirmations and hypnosis have such powerful effects on human beings. Our DNA is inherently programmed to respond to language. Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known this for ages. All forms of affirmations and “thought power” derive in part from this underlying principle.

The Russian research also helps explain why these esoteric techniques are not equally successful for all who use them. Since clear “communication” with DNA requires the correct frequency, individuals with more highly developed inner processes will be more able to create a conscious channel of communication with the DNA.

Individuals whose consciousness is more highly developed will have less need for any type of device (to apply radio or light frequencies). Scholars of this science believe that with consciousness, people can achieve results using only their own words and thoughts” [2-4].

The second experiment that comes with a dramatic visual demonstration that validates the power of sound in no uncertain terms is the experiment where water/liquid droplets are made to Levitate in free space purely by applying sound frequencies. One can watch the actual process here at this link:

The third is a scientific field unto itself-the field of Cymatics-The Visual demonstration of How Energy Frequencies in the form of sound vibrations including sound vibrations that may not necessarily be in the "Audible range " for human ears affects the environment /being-as seen by the effects of these Energy waves on water and other objects that form various patterns.

The Epigenetics of sound in healing Autism

Sound as an Epigenetic Tool in healing the limiting symptoms of autism is being applied on two levels-the Audible range of frequencies (spoken words/sounds/tones) and the Inaudible range of frequencies (energy vibrations radiating from the energy fields of a person).

Human Voice as an Epigenetic Tool in healing autism-There is two aspects to this:

a)A person’s "Outer" voice-the spoken word/verbal.

b)A person’s "Inner" voice-As represented by the Energy Frequencies that one radiates/broadcasts ALL the time by their "Internal Dialogue"/"Voice in the head”. Most people are unaware that they are doing this. It is therefore of Vital importance to become AWARE of this Voice in the head that the autistic child is hearing and responding to ALL the time. Many a times without even knowing that they are tuning-in to this "Voice" of the parents and caregivers’ and tuning-out what they may be saying with their words outwardly through their "Outer" voice(verbal communication).

To understand the Science behind this mechanism of HOW the autistic child is actually listening to, hearing and responding/ reacting to the "internal dialogue’' and the frequencies of energy vibrations that that thoughts/dialogue inside the parents and caregivers are radiating, one can read my book 'How to Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 days' here: It also discusses the details about the Real cause(s) of all the limiting symptoms of autism and the solution.

Now, the important point to note here is that most of these "voice/ voices" in the head may not even be the individual’s (parents, for example) "Inner voice” but is usually that of their parents, society, cultural conditioning and so on. Points of view that the parents and caregivers may have "bought into" or carrying "unconsciously”. Many times the content of these "borrowed" or "downloaded" voices may not be the individual’s “personal truth" or reflective of their true self, but they may be unaware of the same and continue radiating the same as "My beliefs”. Or, it could be that they are aware that they may be doing this and may be "pushing against” or "fighting against” the same. In this scenario too, paradoxically, they are still radiating the very frequencies of energies that they may be pushing or fighting against as "that is not the true me “or “this is not what I prefer”.

A note on different musical instruments and tones as epigenetic tools of healing-Although there are many studies that describe the healing effects of different music and tones from various musical instruments and objects, this article chooses to focus on the power of the Human Voice and Energy fields as an epigenetic tool in bringing about healing, especially in autism.

Why Is Sound is so powerful, as an epigenetic tool bringing about healing, especially in Autism?

To understand this one needs to become aware of the fact that autistic children/beings are highly Energy-Sensitive and invariably have poor Energy Boundaries. This makes them tune-in to the energies of the people and the environment around them and they get affected very easily by any disturbances in either or both. This is explained in detail in the articles under the reference section [5,6].

The Key to healing the limiting symptoms of autism in these children is Alignment and Resonance. This is brought about by shifting the Energy frequencies of the parents to a State of Being of Aligned energies and this automatically clears the energy fields of the child off any energy disturbances from the parents’ energy fields. Then the child’s energy fields begins to resonate with the frequency of energies that is more in alignment with their “true self” or state of being of wellness and thriving. Intent Healing™ is one such epigenetic tool that is being applied to bring about the shift in energies using both-Verbal (human voice and tone) and Nonverbal energy frequencies. The results of Intent Healing™ actually helping nonverbal autistic children speak for the first time in their lives is presented in the articles under [7-9] under the reference section below and available in the online course on autism ‘The Energy Basis of Autism and the Solution’ here:

The Epigenetic power of your voice/human voice

The various components of this are:

a) Tone-The tone that is being used while speaking to the autistic child and while speaking amongst the parents themselves. The children are very sensitive to the same and respond differently to different tones used.

b) Breathing-The ease and depth of breathing while speaking. This is a very powerful indicator and cue that the autistic child is always tuned-in to as this is a Reflection of the energy State of being of the parents/caregivers energy fields that the child is already getting affected by. The more relaxed and easy and deep the breathing in the people interacting with the autistic child, the more comfortable and relaxed the child feels and the more easily the limiting symptoms disappear.

c) Silence between the sounds/syllables/words-The silences are as important, if not more important than the words themselves. The more comfortable the parents/caregivers are with being silent both inwardly and outwardly, the more Calming and soothing effect this has on the child. This in turn helps the child relax further and focus better on the words that are spoken later.

The sound of the parents/caregivers’ voice and tone RESONATES in the child's energy fields. Even when the child is asleep. How can this be known for sure? This can be known by getting an Energy Assessment done while the child is asleep and when he/ she is awake. To know more about Energy Assessment in autism, one can peruse the article [10] under the reference section.

What are the frequencies of "sound" (may not be audible in the conventional sense, but can be sensed all the time by the autistic child) that the parents are radiating /broadcasting? One can know each parent’s Unique pattern/picture by getting an Energy Assessment done that gives their specific and unique report. This helps the parents to "Tune-Out " those vibrations/energy frequencies that they do not Prefer and helps them radiate those frequencies that they want their child to hear and heal.

Nonverbal autistic children are communicating ALL the time. Through “sounds “in the form of energy frequencies that one cannot “hear” but can learn to feel and sense.

And the paradox is that one can actually “hear “these sounds even in the form of words only when the person listening is Silent within. Once the parents/caregivers are able to tune in to these frequencies by accessing and being that state of being of Silence within themselves, and then they can see and hear their nonverbal autistic child SPEAK through words in the “normal " audible range of frequencies.

It is as simple as that.

What is preventing most parents/caregivers from being able to actually hear the actual words that the autistic child is speaking is the “tension” and “stress “in their energies caused mainly by the mental chatter and/or worry in their being. This prevents them from hearing the words that the child is already speaking.

The experiments done by the Russian scientists also revealed that what determines whether this “works” in all cases is the “consciousness” or, in other words, the “State of Being” of the individual speaking the words/radiating the specific energy frequencies. Meaning, the more “Pure” the vibrations and frequencies from the person speaking or communicating with the child, the more easily and immediately one can see the results in the autistic child as the disappearance of the limiting symptoms of autism. Intent Healing™ is one such Epigenetic Tool that helps achieve three main things necessary for the parents to see the Results of the improvements in THEIR child with autism: 1) Intent Healing helps the parents to experience and then BE the specific “pure” vibrational State of Being that helps bring about the positive epigenetic shifts in the child, and 2) It helps to clarify the Intention in the parents with respect to the improvements they want to see in their autistic child because it is the CLARITY of the Intent that activates this mechanism in themselves and in their autistic child. 3) It trains the parents/person applying Intent Healing to be able to focus with effortless ease in the direction of the necessary shifts that they prefer to manifest in themselves and their child. And it is this power of focus that augments and accelerates the actual manifestation of the results of improvements in the autistic child in a tangible manner. Right from day one of applying this epigenetic tool.

To learn HOW one can learn this language of energy frequencies, one can read the book ‘How to Heal Autism and ADHD‘ here:

DNA is just another way of Re-Arranging Energy and Consciousness. This is how the Epigenetics of Sound frequencies apply too. It is a TOOL to bring about shifts at the level of the DNA applying sound and energy vibrations.


Good Science is Any "Scientific Discovery" or any Tool has a practical Application that actually changes and transforms people's lives for the better. Applied Intentional Epigenetics in the form of using Intention and Sound is one such example of using the human voice and human Energy fields as the Epigenetic Tool of transformation in Autism. Thus helping autistic beings gain freedom from their limiting symptoms and communicate with ease. And helping their parents and caregivers communicate in their language and be understood with ease and joy. Intent Healing(TM) is the epigenetic tool that is bridging this "Communication gap" between the autistic children/beings and their caregivers and offers a Practical, experiential understanding of How the human sound and energy frequencies can be applied from the aligned state of being that can manifest the results of the autistic child thriving, free from the limiting symptoms.


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