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Epigenetics and the New Science of Thriving in Autism: How the Parents' and the Caregivers’ Expectations Directly Affects the Autistic Child's Ability to Thrive

Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy*

Autism Expert and Consultant in Energy Medicine, Sowjanya Centre for Holistic Healing, Chennai 600119, India

*Corresponding Author:
Kandaswamy R
Autism Expert and Consultant in Energy Medicine
Sowjanya Centre For Holistic Healing, Chennai, India
: 919840717706
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: August 31, 2016; Accepted date: September 26, 2016; Published date: October 03, 2016

Citation: Kandaswamy R. Epigenetics and the New Science of Thriving in Autism: How the Parents' and the Caregivers’ Expectations Directly Affects the Autistic Child's Ability to Thrive. J Clin Epigenet. 2016, 2:3. DOI: 10.21767/2472-1158.100027

Copyright: © 2016 Kandaswamy R. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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If there is one thing that every parent with a child with Autism grapples with on a daily basis, it is dealing with expectations or the lack of it and the fear of disappointment, where it concerns their autistic child. The understanding of Epigenetics and the latest discoveries in Psychology and Energy Medicine has now revealed that it is the Environment of negative and lowered expectations set up collectively and individually by the professionals, parents and care-givers of children with autism that is directly affecting the ability of the autistic child to Thrive. The important point to note here is that almost all the research that is being done in the area of Epigenetics in autism is focused upon finding the cause or the causes for autism. There have been numerous studies and articles written about the epigenetics of the environmental pollutants, the mother’s state of health and stressors during pregnancy, assisted reproduction technology and so on that most people may be aware of. This article however, chooses to focus upon the Epigenetic aspect of the solution in autism that can be applied right away to see the autistic child thrive. It also explores the new scientific understanding of epigenetic factors in autism and the practical application of Positive Expectation from the state of Energy Alignment as an Epigenetic tool that helps children with autism Thrive with their unique gifts and abilities.


What is epigenetics in practical terms, especially with respect to autism?

The term Epigenetics means “control above genes”. This means that genes are not destiny. Therefore, genetic diseases and disorders are not necessarily “incurable” anymore because, by applying epigenetic tools, such as environmental changes [1-3], lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, stress reduction techniques, energy medicine based techniques, and now, shifting in the direction of a positive expectation of an outcome after aligning one’s energies to match that expectation, one can gain freedom from the limiting symptoms of the “genetic” condition. Not only that, this evolutionary advantage can then be passed onto future generations too. Genes can be switched “on” or “off” with these Epigenetic tools and the possibilities are endless.

In order to understand the relevance of this in Autism, let's begin with the Human Genome Project that set out to map the entire genetic makeup of Human Beings with the premise that once the all the genes encoding the proteins would be discovered one gene would be ascribed for each protein. What the scientists were hoping for was to be able to use this discovery, namely the gene map, to correct and treat any and all diseases and disorders.

The unexpected outcome of this project was that it was found that the DNA coding for proteins were only around 3 % and the rest of it 97% was actually "junk" DNA. Meaning, DNA that did not seemingly code for any protein, and therefore, of no particular "use" for humans [4].

The human Genome Project was thus abandoned as a "failure".

The unanswered question here is WHY would nature and evolution considers it Vital to have the presence of these “junk” DNA that constitutes the MAJOR part of the DNA in human being. Wouldn’t it be more scientific to actually explore the importance of this “junk” DNA instead of dismissing them as “useless”?

What if the “junk” DNA held epigenetic Potential of freedom from diseases and hereditary conditions? What if this “junk” DNA is connected to and is directly impacted by dark matter and dark energy? And what if the Blueprint of the future evolution of Mankind on this planet lies in this “junk” DNA?

The implications of this discovery is of particular significance in Autism as many scientists are still on the trail of discovering all the genes supposedly "associated" with causing autism, and these genes run into the thousands and rising by the day. This is being done under the “Autism Genome Project”.

This has led to a situation where these scientists are caught up in the “autism genetic discovery quagmire” that is keeping them going round in circles still trying to understand the "problem" of autism, rather than investigating the Solution in autism that is already showing results on the ground.

And this Solution that is already working in autism resulting in the complete recovery of children with autism from all their limiting symptoms is based on the principles of Applied Intentional Epigenetics in particular and Applied Energy Medicine. For the published evidence of these successfully healed cases and for the further understanding of the application of these cutting-edge sciences in healing the limiting symptoms in autism, one can peruse all the articles given under the reference section at the end of this article.

The epigenetics of “thought pools and thought streams” and the power of holding expectations

The understanding of morphic resonance and the 100th monkey principle has shown how genes do not play a major role in many of the diseases or disorders, as previously thought [5].

That brings us to the question-If it is not the genes, then what is it that is continuing to result in more and more diseases and disorders being discovered as humans continue to become more and more technologically advanced?

The answer is-it is the habitual tuning-in to “thought pools and thought streams” due to Conditioning and the resultant expectations that set up the field for a person to manifest any of these conditions in one’s own life experience.

Let’s understand this further. There are these habits of thought patterns and "thought pools and streams" that one is always downloading from. This “thought pool and stream” has been in existence since centuries and is growing with more and more thoughts being added to the stream with the thinking process in each human being contributing to this as well [6].

Autistic children are particularly tuned-in to these “Thought Pools and Thought Streams” as they are highly Energy Sensitive and invariably with poor “Energy Boundaries” [7]. To understand these terms and the mechanism in greater detail it is recommended to read through the articles under the ‘Reference” section below.

Not only this, the same mechanism operates when they are downloading information and " energy patterns in the form of thoughts “ from other dimensions of reality across the current space-time continuum that they are existing physically in [8].

Now comes the most important piece in this understanding- The parents too are tuning in to different "thought pools and streams” and are usually unaware of it. In the case of autistic children, invariably these pools and streams that the parents are tuning-in to are in a vast majority of cases, those of fear, anxiety, worry, tension and other low frequency vibrations of thoughts.

The autistic child is extremely sensitive to the energies of the parents and others whom they are interacting with on a regular basis, such as their therapists, teachers/special educators and other caregivers. Not only is that, these children, having poor energy boundaries affected most by the kind of “thought pools and streams” that the parents and caregivers are tuning-in to.

This is why it becomes extremely important for the parents and the caregivers of the autistic child to become aware of what they are tuning-in to, because their autistic child is reflecting the same back to them by tuning-in to the same "thought pools" through the parents and caregivers. This, to a large extent explains how Mind-Reading and Telepathy works in these autistic children.

This is similar to switching on the radio and tuning-in to a particular frequency where something is already being broadcast (the "Thought Pools") that one then gets "sucked into".

Why is this kind of tuning-in happening?: It is due to conditioning of thousands of years where human beings have been conditioned to simply tune-in and listen to other people's ideas and to follow them. Often blindly and take them as "authorities" in many cases.

Because, it takes energy to think for oneself which most humans do not have on a daily basis. So, they simply follow. In addition to this most humans are they are afraid to take responsibility for their own lives.

Autistic children have come forth to help people become aware of this pattern and to break free from this kind of blindly following others and to awaken each one to think for themselves as to what is best for them and to become their own authorities. They do this by Reflecting back in a persistent way the kind of frequencies of energies and thought streams their parents and care-givers are tuning-in to. Refer to this article on becoming one’s own authority in autism where I have explained this in detail (

Every thought that anyone thinks or has thought, exists in these "thought pools" or "thought streams" (the terms of pools or streams used here to indicate their dormant or active nature; the activation of thought (s) is dependent on the attention and focus one gives to thought (s)).

Studies have shown that it takes approximately one minute, just about one minute for an active thought to turn into a belief (either positive or negative). Furthermore, this belief shifts the expectation and affects the outcome of any activity or situation too. This is explained in the next section [9].

While it may be easier to understand that a thought that has been thought of chronically, for a longer length of time and repeatedly becomes a stronger belief and sets up a stronger expectation that eventually becomes a knowing instead of just a belief (due to the proof/evidence that the belief generates as a result of expectations proving themselves as manifestations), it is interesting to note from the studies mentioned in the next section that even random thoughts, if held for about a minute results in the formation of a belief. That is how powerful a person’s thoughts are thoughts turn into matter. Thought is matter literally.

The implications of this are huge: This raises the question what if the "genetics" of autism is irrelevant and what if all, if not most of the symptoms in autism occur as a result of the energy disturbances of misaligned expectations and tapping into "Thought Pools" and "Thought Streams" that is happening with each family and child with autism ?

And, what if the reason for the “unique " nature of the presentation in autism is largely due to this tapping into the "unique" thought pools and thought streams that is unique in its presentation with respect to each child with autism and their families and caregivers [10] ?

How does one know this is the case?: One can know the truth in this statement when one actually shift’s their expectations with respect to his/her autistic child, which happens when the person’s energies shift first along with the corresponding emotional shifts happening as well. And this energetic shift manifests in the form of the autistic child matching up with or even exceeding the new and positive expectations from him/her.

The Epigenetics of Expectations

Two studies were done in the field of psychology that has revealed the following facts about expectations.

• Your certainties and expectations about someone will impact them.

• The power of real expectation is to be taken seriously.

• Certainty is key to the power of expectation [11].

• When put into the terms of a classroom, and then the difference between a child getting a "b" and "d" could mostly be generated from the teacher’s expectations about the ability of the student.

• Your expectations about another person changes their expectations of themselves

• Your biases (positive or negative) changes the other person’s behavior

The mechanics and the dynamics of expectations and the relevance and application in autism

(This section is addressed directly to the parents of children with autism)

1) What you expect from your child causes him/her to match your expectations. It could be either way positive or negative

2) The types of state of being of expectations or expecting usually are:

• Expectation with knowing (positive or negative)

• Expectation with knowing based on previous behaviors and outcomes

• Expectation with cynicism

• Expectation with despair and/or fear

• Expectation bordering on hope but still feeling (based on some belief) that that was a "fluke" or "it will not happen again" or it will not happen to me/in my case although it may be true for others

3) You train your expectation by the power of your attention to what is in front of you or what you are observing and you can train it either in a positive direction or in a negative direction [12].

You can leverage the power of your attention so you can see your autistic child thrive instead of sabotaging their chance to thrive by your negative attention to things that you do not prefer to see in your child.

4) How this mechanism is amplified in autistic children

Because they are extremely energy sensitive, autistic children tune-into and reflect the parents and primary caregivers' expectations and beliefs second by second and this gets hardwired in their brains very easily. Added to this is the fact that many of the autistic children are subjected and exposed to all the erroneous and negative expectations from primary and secondary caregivers namely, the teachers, therapists etc. at a very early age in the name of early intensive intervention that offers no "breathing space" for new and positive expectations to be formed.

The pace of the natural and often accelerated growth and development in the child on all levels is tampered with unnecessarily and what talents and abilities would have anyway naturally revealed and bloomed is prevented from being expressed in the first place. This is triggered by the negative and lowered expectations from the child or by false yardsticks of what constitutes progress or the lack of it [13]. Again, based on the expectations set by the professionals/teaching systems such as aba for example and often by the combination of both.

To know how ABA damages the brain of the autistic child you can read this article on the subject here: blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/ABA-causes-Neurological- Damage-in-Autism.pdf. This results in the child being trained to behave and function in a robotic manner and also results in the direct and often permanent "dumbing down" of the autistic children and stunting their growth.

Therefore, as a fundamental step, stop allowing others to set the negative expectations from your child! it does not matter who they may be who are telling you that "your cannot expect more than such and such from your child" or "you need to prepare to institutionalize you child" or " your child can only make incremental progress and can never be anywhere near what is expected from a neurotypical child" and so on.

Their expectations define their reality [14]. Not yours. Their lowered and/or negative expectations need not define the reality for your autistic child unnecessarily. Unless, you make the choice to give them the permission to do so.

Along the same vein, you’re lowered and/or negative expectations from your child (regardless of whether it is based on your past experiences or current "reality" or any other reason), Need Not sabotage your autistic child's ability to thrive.

A note for those thinking “but there are things that I have not expected my autistic child to do, and he has surprised me/the caregiver/teacher/therapist with his progress. What about that?"

That happens because you were not "not expecting" him to do that particular thing or demonstrate that progress. Meaning, you did not have any particular negative or lowered expectation that was in resistance or in opposition to your child manifesting that progress that you may choose to describe as "unexpected”.

Only you have the power to create a new and positive reality for your child by your power of positive expectations from the right energy state of being.

This is vital expectations from the right energy state of being. Because, simply repeating positive affirmations or positive expectations from the wrong energy state of being can result in counter-productive outcomes and worsening of the conditions and thus even worse expectations of the outcomes leading to finally giving up in many cases.

5) What about "False" expectations?

There are no "false" expectations. There are however, "false" or "inauthentic" energy states of being such as fear, despair and other low frequency vibrational states from which if the expectations are held, they do not manifest and therefore, may make one feel disappointed.

Therefore, the key is the energy state of being from which the expectations are held. When the parent or the caregiver holds the expectation from a state of authentic energy alignment within themselves, the expectations they have from the autistic child matches that and they can then see the child thrive.

6) How to change this negative pattern of expectations and set forth a positive pattern of expectations and thus opening the doorways to thriving?

Meaning, "If what I expect from my autistic child is what is happening and if what is happening with my autistic child is what is training my expectation from my child, how can I expect a positive outcome for my child?" You can't unless, you are able to shift your Energies and State of Being with respect to each of those selfreinforcing cycles of negative expectations first. And this shift has to happen at an Emotional level. This is where techniques based on Applied energy medicine such as intent healing (™) works. And shows results from day one. Nothing changes unless there is an Emotional Shift first. And that Emotional Shift can happen only when the energy shifts around any issue that is bothering you regarding your child.

Not only is every child with autism unique, every individual in a family with a child with autism is also unique in the energy dynamics that operates between the child and the family members, specifically the parents. The Specifics of the desires of each person is unique to them and so is the Allowance of those desires to manifest those as an actual reality in their lives. And this manifestation depends upon the expectations that each person has from themselves and from their autistic child.


As far as Autism is concerned, the downward spiral of negative expectations is set into motion first (in almost all cases) by the medical professionals and other professionals in "mainstream/ conventional medicine and mainstream science" who proclaim erroneously that "Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder and there is no cure for it". Add to this the Lowered expectations (invariably) from the Therapists and special educators and other primary and secondary caregivers who, operating from their conditioned training and beliefs, tend to reinforce this pattern and it is not surprising that one ends up with an autistic child whose parents are worrying and planning for the long-term institutionalized care for their autistic child. That is the level of expectation that seems feasible of actualizing, in the minds of these parents [15].

This Unnecessary downward spiral can be stopped and the autistic child allowed to Thrive Independently, once this pattern of Negative and Lowered expectations is interrupted for good.

What I would like to emphasize here is that the opposite is also true. Meaning, holding the positive and expanded expectations from your autistic child, coming from the right energy state of being results in your autistic child actually matching up with or even exceeding your positive expectations and gaining momentum on the path to thriving.

Intent healing (™), which is applied energy medicine and applied intentional epigenetics in action helps make this happen so you can see the results of the shift right from day one. It also helps one to become aware of the "thought pools" that one is tapping into and helps shift the frequency so one can tap into the "thought streams " that are supportive and beneficial to each individual child and family with autism. And this is unique to each family and each child with autism.

Based on the fresh and positive expectations that are allowed to take form and shape from the right energy state of being to back that, you can start seeing your autistic child walk on this new path with courage and confidence. Just by learning how to do this one fundamental step of shifting your expectations positively and from the right energy state of being, you will be not only allowing your autistic child to thrive, you too will be thriving in your individual life as well.

Thus the benefits of leveraging energy dynamics to thrive in your life are not just limited to seeing your autistic child thrive. It has a powerful effect in every aspect of your life as well.

Your new expectations, from the right energy state of being are actually creating a new, positive reality for your autistic child. Only you have the power to create a new and positive reality for your child by your power of positive expectations from the right energy state of being. Because, if your energies do not match your positive affirmations either stated or unstated they simply will not work and will most likely reinforce a pattern of disappointments and negative expectations and the corresponding negative outcome from your autistic child.

Expectation is creation

This is the practical application of epigenetics in autism resulting in the thriving of the child with autism. And this is the new science of thriving in autism.

The question: Is autism genetic in nature? Is there no cure for autism?

The answer: It is irrelevant whether it is genetic or not and applied intentional epigenetics is the solution in autism that is already showing results. Evidence for the same is available through this link: Dare to hold the vision of big dreams for your autistic child and allow your autistic child to dream too and manifest his/her dream as a reality [16]. Today to know more about how you can shift your expectations from your autistic child and see him/her thrive, you can take a look at the link:


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